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June 25, 2012, No comments

  Via We have been told for years that we should use sunscreen and minimize sun exposure. Many  people have been covering up their bodies with sunscreen for years, without […]

Johanna Pedranti

About Johanna Pedranti

Johanna Pedranti is a an Aromatherapist. She makes her own products especially designed for sport. As an Aromatherapist she designs products specializing in maintaining the wellbeing of the body which is pushed by the sports to the limits of endurance, stamina and skill.


Is DOMS Getting You Down?

January 26, 2012, No comments

It is very common that beginners of a new exercise program experience delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). This is not the same as the acute pain you ...


Sami Slow Food: Part of a sustainable culture

January 17, 2012, 1 Comment

It is winter in the northern hemisphere, but you would not know it by walking payday loans online through the produce department at your local grocery ...


Using Essential Oils for Sport

January 16, 2011, No comments

The essential oils may be used to tone and condition joints, both before and after exercise. They are a wonderful addition to a sport program and can ...

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    Don’t Miss Any Racing Due To A Cold This Year
    January 5, 2011, No comments

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    Seven Pillars of Prevention
    June 6, 2008, No comments

    7 Pillars of Prevention Inflammation is the culprit behind many health issues and diseases today. It starts as a response to a stimulus. It may be an injury, an illness, […]