Is There Something Fishy About Your Fish?

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The mislabeling of fish may be more common than you think. A study covered in the Consumer Reports Magazine revealed that as much as 50% of the seafood in New England iphone 5c refurbished is mislabeled. Another study that summarized the research performed by Stanford students three years ago. It found that 60% of the seafood they tested was mislabeled.

When seafood is processed, it lose much of its natural characteristics. This makes it easier to pass a less valuable species of fish off as a more expensive kind.

The mislabeling of seafood can cause problems. Contaminants vary between different species, and buyers think they are purchasing a fish with less toxins. When in reality, They are unknowingly purchasing a fish that is high in contaminants.

The most commonly mislabeled seafood types are:

  • Tilapia is sold as red snapper, especially in Sushi.
  • Farm raised salmon is sold as wild caught salmon.
  • Pangasius and cat fish are sold as flounders and groupers.
  • Imported farmed shrimp is being sold as wild, domestic shrimp.

So keep your eyes open and become an informed buyer. Ask where the fish comes from, and when it was caught. Make sure that you know the scientific name as well as the marketing name of the fish.

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