On the Road to Klintehamn

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I’m sitting  in my kitchen looking out on all the snow which has enriched all our lives these past days. Mind you, the sun is showing its rarely sighted face and it is really lovely out side and it is really a lovely day – perfectly suited for a a couple hours in the saddle, sunny, crisp and 3-5 degrees below freezing.  Alas, the studded tires are unfortunately missing on my Bianchi MTB,  so I can only but reminisce warmer times.

One of many cycling tours last summer was a short and sweet club run to a small township called “Klintehamn”.  And if you’re a bit like me, there’s nothing like having a short (ahum) coffee break with your friends during the sunday club run. Me and a mate just had to get out one morning for a bit of fresh air. We had a wee to little blood in our Sangiovese stream, so we went out for a short  run with a few more mates, with the fabulous café  which goes under the name of “Bullboden” in our sights.

For those who haven’t been on our Island, Klintehamn is situated about 30 km’s due south of the regional capital, Visby. The small town of “Klinte” is famous for absolutely nothing really – but it’s really perfect for a pit stop for us cyclists, far enough from more or less everything.

There are basically two direct routes to Klintehamn from Visby; the Scenic Route along the west coast or the Inland Route. Both of them  rather flat. In fact all routes on our island are flat. If you’re looking for a hill climbing exercise , Gotland is the wrong place I’m afraid.

However, there are an abundance of fantastic scenery where you can enjoy a couple of days worth of cycling.

“Life’s too short, eat cookies!” were the slight philosophical words I read on a sign on a wall inside the Café in Klintehamn. But it’s true isn’t it? I mean, what’s the point of all the hassle one has to put up with on a daily basis if one can’t just sit on ones arse, and just have a cookie, cake or a glass of Sangiovese?  I recently read an article on the European Cyclist’s Federation’s website that:

(—)Studies add to the body of knowledge about health benefits. Regular cycling, such as commuting, is good for so many facets of health, from weight control to preventing heart disease and diabetes, to helping you sleep well. There’s hardly anything cycling isn’t good for (—)

So let us eat cakes, be merry and enjoy ourselves. Let’s worry about the diet tomorrow.

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