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SKU-bdequi-carabiner_gridlock_screwgate Black Diamond Gridlock Screwgate Carabiner from Als Sports  sku

Black Diamond Gridlock Screwgate Carabiner - bdequi-carabiner_gridlock_screwgate by Black Diamond Equipment

Item description: This Mountain Rock Climbing product is by Black Diamond Equipment - YES, YOU NEED ONE.The revolutionary, patent-pending belay biner design that solves the orientation issue-never deal with a shifting, cross-loaded belay carabiner again. The GridLock's isolation feature intuitively captures the belay loop and prevents cross-loading. With its revolutionary, patent-pending design made possible by the in-house hot forge, the Black Diamond GridLock Screwgate eliminates the dangers of cross loading. Designed specifically for belaying, the intuitive, easy-to-use GridLock isolates the belay loop behind its uniquely shaped gate, thereby keeping the carabiner in its proper orientation. The GridLock's I-beam spine transitions into a large, rounded rope-bearing surface for maximum strength and smooth rope feeding. Simply put, you'll never have to deal with a shifting, cross-loaded belay carabiner again.FEATURES Hot-forged construction I -beam spine transitions into a rounded, large ropebearing surface Intuitive and easy-to-... Learn More

Manufacturer: Black Diamond Equipment

Category: Rock Climbing


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