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SKU-campch-apple_pellets Camp Chef Orchard Apple BBQ Pellets from Als Sports  sku

Camp Chef Orchard Apple BBQ Pellets - campch-apple_pellets by Camp Chef

Item description: This Mountain Camping Backpacking & Hiking product is by Camp Chef - Keep your Pellet Grill and Smoker fired up with Camp Chef's Premium Hardwood Pellets. Made of 100% natural hardwood, these food grade pellets are an excellent way to add that unique smoky flavor. Choose from four distinct flavors. Orchard Apple hardwood pellets have a fruity flavor and are best used with poultry, beef, ham, lamb pork, and sausages.No oils added, no additional flavorings and no harmful chemicals used. Nothing added, just good old 100% virgin hardwood.Camp Chef Orchard Apple BBQ Pellets Features: 100% all-natural food grade pelletsMade from premium solid hardwoodsUltra-low moisture contentClean virgin hardwood - no fillersAll natural, no added oils or flavorsBag weight: 20 lbsMade in USA... Learn More

Manufacturer: Camp Chef

Category: Camping Backpacking & Hiking


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