5 Hour Telephone Consultation

    • Need to loose weight?
    • Gain weight?
    • Get fit?
    • Get well?
    • Stop overeating?
    • Get back on track?
    • Overcome an illness or infection with natural health remedies?


Telephone consultations are an extremely practical way to discover your personal health, fitness and nutrition needs. You will be able to speak directly with Wayne or Johanna Pedranti regarding your health or athletic performance concerns on a one-on one basis. from the comfort of your own home. We will help you organize your diet, supplement and training regime so you can achieve your health and wellness goals. We will  talk to you about what?s on your mind and help you resolve your concerns. We will teach you many important health principles, reveal how they relate specifically to your unique biochemistry and motivate you to apply them consistently.

This is one of our most popular packages. During the five (5) one hour consultations, we will cover:

1. Introduction

The first hour is to get to know each other.We will discuss your of personal goals and objectives, medical history, energy, quality of life, training and exercise experience, background in sports and fitness, current health status, nutrition and fitness awareness, lifestyle, primary health concerns, education background, vocation, career objectives.

2. Exercise Program Design

In the second hour session we will discuss exercise theory and anti-aging benefits. We will also discuss the training program. The focus will be on the principles of resistance training, core-training, cardio, stretching, fitness assessment criteria, measuring biological age, motivation, consistency, long-term commitment strategy as they pertain to your personalized goals.

3. Nutrition Analysis

The third session will be a personalized, detailed dietary analysis. We will discuss whole food nutrition, organic food, quality and quantity of food, number of meals per day, water ingestion, beverages consumed, acid/alkaline ratio, micronutrient density, live versus cooked food, cooking methods, amount of protein consumed daily, glycemic index, glycemic load, carbohydrate density, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acid ratio, macronutrient ratio, pre- and post-workout meal assessment.

4. Dietary Supplements

In this session we will discuss the benefits of taking supplements, their connection to food, long-term safety, and specific application, review of current intake, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, protein powders, green supplements, botanicals, enzymes, when to take, how much, consolidation, missing links, quality control, health food stores, industry advice.

5. Summary

In this final session, we will review of previous four sessions.There will be an emphasis on recommended changes and program advice, confirmation of client understanding, clarity of purpose reviewed, recommended reading, recommended audio tutorials, questions and answers, the gap between fitness and nutrition will be bridged on a personal level, final comments

The 5 Hour Consultation Package $375.00

Once your payment is accepted, we will contact you to make arrangements.