Sports Nutrition

The Art and Science of Sports Nutrition

Just mentioning the term ‚”Sports Nutrition‚” conjures up images of muscle bound body builders in a gym. This image has partially been created by the marketing industry that has portrayed products for weight loss and bulking in this manner. However, the truth of the matter is that sports nutrition is not just for the body builders. It is in fact for anyone who breaths, moves, eats, or lives. It is a lifestyle that leads to optimum health. Sports Nutrition involves what and how we eat, what nutritional supplements we take, and how we exercise. This has lead some individuals to refer to sports Nutrition as a Art and a science.

The art consists of nourishing an active body with high quality food and natural health products in a skillful, safe, and consistent manner. This does not only apply to what we eat, but includes how, when, and where as well. What natural health products (NHPS) we use is driven by many variables. Some of these include metabolic status and state, athletic goals, training volume and intensity, body composition, injury status, lifestyle, ethnic origin, blood type, and acid alkaline balance. The new science of nutrigenomics further suggests that the foods we eat and NHPs we consume is decided by our genetic makeup. The art of sports nutrition is the ability to balance all of these variables to achieve your health, fitness, and nutritional goals.

Understanding the ART of Sports nutrition is not even possible without understanding the science of sports nutrition. The science tells us the how and why. Through observation and experimentation, we have found out how the use of NHPs affects the health, recovery, and performance in athletes when combined with controlled exercise.

The precise application of the art and science of sports nutrition can give athletes the foundation to meet their fitness and athletic goals and at the same time remain injury free. The art and the science go hand in hand. Both are needed to be applied.

The Role of a Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor

The role of Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor (CSNA) is one of an educator and a mentor to athletes and non athletes. Many athletes today do not know how to apply principles of nutrition to their training. If they do, they use an outdated philosophy of a diet rich in simple carbohydrates, low in fats, and high in denatured proteins. They drink soda or pop instead of water and trust sports drinks that are dominated by salt, sugar, and artificial flavors and colors.

The main role of a CSNA is to educate. Many athletes are not getting the truth about nutrition and the use of supplements. In the USA, there is such a vast pool of athletes that we should be dominating at every sport in the Olympics. This is simply not the case. That is why, It is necessary to educate the client on the importance of a whole food diet, the use of natural health products, the virtues of whey protein, and how through the proper administration of all three combined with a structured training program can help the athlete achieve their goals.

As part of the education process, a CSNA should work with the client to have at a minimum, a full fitness assessment. However, it may also be beneficial to have other tests done such as hair analysis, blood chemistry, thyroid assessment, urine/ saliva pH. and body and blood type assessment. These tests serve two functions. First they serve as a point to begin the discussions and recommendations on diet and nutrition. Second, they give us a baseline that can be used to assess improvement.

The main goal of a CSNA is to educate the client on the importance of diet, nutrition, and exercise as they pertain to achieving optimum health.Let Naturally Sports & Wellness help you acheive your goals.