Seven Pillars of Prevention

7 Pillars of Prevention
Inflammation is the culprit behind many health issues and diseases today. It starts as a response to a stimulus. It may be an injury, an illness, food or life style.
There are three nutrition related partners in inflammation.
1.Blood sugar
Blood sugar rises every time we eat. Food high in carbohydrates digests quickly and make blood sugar spikes and the body rushes to compensate. High glycemic index carbohydrates such as refined sugar, flour and white rice are anti-nutrients. They rob they cells of nutrients, they make the nutrients more difficult for the body to absorb. They stress organs and processes by spiking the blood sugar. Constant blood spikes will lead to inflammation. These spikes weaken arteries and heart muscles, or lead to other inflammation related maladies.
Acidity. Most of us are acidic, normal ph is 6.0-7.0 and acidity provokes inflammation. High acidity prevents the absorption of many vitamins and minerals. It means that the body is constant deficient even with supplements. By eating more alkalize food such as green vegetables, fruit and lemon could assist in restoring the ph balance.
Avoid canned, frozen, processed food and refined sugar and flour. The worst is the artificial sweeteners. These are all high acid foods and in order for the body to restore ph it has to buffer calcium from the bones.
Oxidation. When free radicals move through the body they damage the cells the contact. Oxidation stresses cells and tissues and the body fights it with inflammation.
Experts say every cell experiences 10,000 free radical attacks each hour of every day. Unless they are neutralized by antioxidants they may succeed in damaging healthy human tissue. Common toxins that may contribute to free radical overload are household/industrial waste, cleaning agents, pollutants, mold and radiation.
Inflammation-fighting nutrients are:
Pure water, enzymes, fibers, vitamins and minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and probiotics.
Why nutrients don’t always work:
High Acid environment
Not enough proper enzymes
Low antioxidant level
Not enough of the friendly bacteria in the intestines.
This can cause the food and supplements to pass though the system and leave the body empty.
Also if the diet consists of many anti-nutrient food it will prevent the supplement and other nutrients from being absorbed correctly. Bodies under stress also use more nutrients. Medications can also deplete the body of vital nutrients.

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