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  • Simms Bass Trucker Hat

    Simms Bass Trucker Hat
    "The Simms Bass Trucker Hat features America's favorite gamefish, showing off your passion for fly fishing. This trucker style hat has a durable cotton twill fr...(more)

    $13.97 More Details
  • Buff Bandana

    Buff Bandana
    "Wear the Buff Bandana around your neck or up over your nose. Either way its triangular shape delivers a somewhat edgy feel. Beyond style, this neck gaiter offe...(more)

    $12.80 More Details
  • Simms Sungaiter

    Simms Sungaiter
    "When you're hiking or fishing in the mountains it's easy to forget how much sun exposure you're getting on your face and neck. Keep the lightweight Sungaiter f...(more)

    $20.97 More Details
  • Simms Sunhood

    Simms Sunhood
    "Fly fishing, hunting, mountain hikes - all completely engaging pursuits, sometimes it's easy to forget about the sun beating down on your neck. Fight glare and...(more)

    $27.97 More Details
  • Simms G4 Cap

    Simms G4 Cap
    "One hat to rule them all, that's how guides feel when they wear the Simms' G4 Cap. Built with GORE-TEX fabric, this fly fishing hat is one of the most waterpro...(more)

    $39.95 More Details
  • Simms Sunshield Hat

    Simms Sunshield Hat
    "The Simms Sunshield Hat ensures cooler heads will prevail while fly fishing under the hot sun. The lightweight Tactel nylon material utilizes a Teflon HT with ...(more)

    $20.97 More Details
  • Simms Cascadia Cap

    Simms Cascadia Cap
    "Simms designed the CascadiaCap to handle the wet fly fishing environments of Northwest steelhead rivers. The waxed cotton material sheds water, while the inter...(more)

    $20.97 More Details
  • Simms Patch Trucker Hat

    Simms Patch Trucker Hat
    "The Patch Trucker Cap combines current style with unique Simms' logo patches to give anglers a fly fishing hat that provides ventilation while reducing glare o...(more)

    $13.97 More Details
  • Buff UV Insect Shield Realtree

    Buff UV Insect Shield Realtree
    "The Buff UV Insect Shield is a fly fisherman's best friend on a chilly morning, or a bright sunny afternoon. Made with quick-drying, moisture-wicking microfibe...(more)

    $28.99 More Details
  • Buff UV Derek DeYoung

    Buff UV Derek DeYoung
    "Artist Derek DeYoung and Buff have partnered together to make this special-edition collection of protective UV Buffs for fly fishing. Part realistic, part impr...(more)

    $25.00 More Details
  • Buff UV Bug Slinger

    Buff UV Bug Slinger
    "The Buff UV Bug Slinger protects anglers who spend all day on the water from that unexpected neck sunburn. With 95% UV protection, this fly fishing neck gaiter...(more)

    $25.00 More Details
  • Buff UV Mossy Oak

    Buff UV Mossy Oak
    "The Buff UV Mossy Oak features a camouflage pattern that allows fly fishermen to blend into their environment. This Buff also featuresCoolmax Extreme fabric to...(more)

    $25.00 More Details
  • Simms Windstopper Flap Cap

    Simms Windstopper Flap Cap
    "The Simms Windstopper Flap Cap is more than your average beanie. Designed to be worn by anglers or fly fishing afficionados as temperatures drop, this knit cap...(more)

    $20.97 More Details
  • Simms Visor Beanie

    Simms Visor Beanie
    "The Visor Beanie from Simms is the perfect hybrid of a traditional fly fishing cap and a knit winter hat. The visor cuts glare so you can easily spot fish whil...(more)

    $20.97 More Details
  • Simms Chunky Beanie

    Simms Chunky Beanie
    "For warmth on the river during winter fly fishing, reach for the Simms Chunky Beanie when you head out the door. Offering the warmth of Merino wool with a soft...(more)

    $20.97 More Details
  • Simms High Crown Patch Trucker Hat

    Simms High Crown Patch Trucker Hat
    "With cotton twill and a nylon mesh back, the classic Simms High Crown Patch Trucker Hat showcases unique patch logo art, a black underbrim for glare reduction,...(more)

    $13.97 More Details
  • Buff UV XL

    Buff UV XL
    "Protect your skin from the sun with the Buff UV XL, which blocks 95% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. The extra-long design provides greater coverage by ...(more)

    $25.00 More Details
  • Buff UVX Mask

    Buff UVX Mask
    "For serious yet comfortable sun protection, the Buff UVX Mask covers your neck, shoulders, upper chest, and face. Designed to be worn with a baseball cap, this...(more)

    $35.00 More Details
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