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  • Dakine Afterburner Paste Wax

    Dakine Afterburner Paste Wax
    "The Dakine Afterburner Paste Wax is a great way to maintain your speed on the mountain. Some may say that wax is one of the most important parts of maintaining...(more)

    $12.00 More Details
  • Swix CH8X Wax - 60g

    Swix CH8X Wax - 60g
    "A basic hydrocarbon wax for mild winter conditions, Swix CH8X Wax is ideal for training or as an underlayer for race waxes. This economical wax keeps your base...(more)

    $12.50 More Details
  • Swix CH12X Combi Wax - 60g

    Swix CH12X Combi Wax - 60g
    "An economical choice for the recreational skier, Swix CH12X Wax covers the basic paraffin waxes you need in normal winter conditions. This combi pack includes ...(more)

    $12.50 More Details
  • Swix CH10X Wax - 60g

    Swix CH10X Wax - 60g
    "With a temperature range above freezing, Swix CH10X Wax is an excellent option as a spring training wax and base prep. Reformulated with a harder consistency, ...(more)

    $12.50 More Details
  • Swix CH6X Wax - 60g

    Swix CH6X Wax - 60g
    "While expensive fluoro powders and liquids are speeding up skis at the top level, Swix maintains the same level of quality in developing their basic hydrocarbo...(more)

    $12.50 More Details
  • Swix CH7X Wax - 60g

    Swix CH7X Wax - 60g
    "While expensive fluoros may get all the attention, hydrocarbon waxes are just as important for maintaining the health of your skis' bases. Swix CH7X is a high-...(more)

    $12.50 More Details
  • Swix F6L Blue Glide Wax

    Swix F6L Blue Glide Wax
    "Not many of us have the luxury of a home waxing set-up, so Swix offers a high quality line of easy application glide waxes to keep our skis happy between shop ...(more)

    $21.00 More Details
  • Swix Strapping Tape

    Swix Strapping Tape
    "When you've put in countless hours getting your skis ready for race day, Swix strapping tape will help keep your bases pristine and performing at their best. A...(more)

    $21.00 More Details
  • Toko LF Hot Wax - 40g

    Toko LF Hot Wax - 40g
    "Start your race wax job off on the right foot with Toko LF Hot Wax. This paraffin-based wax contains a low level of fluoros, allowing higher fluoro top layers ...(more)

    $22.00 More Details
  • Swix LF4 Green Wax - 60g

    Swix LF4 Green Wax - 60g
    "Cold, dry conditions are a common situation in the ski world. Don't let squeaky, abrasive snow slow you down - use LF4X Green from Swix. Most effective in lowe...(more)

    $33.00 More Details
  • Swix LF4X Wax - 60g

    Swix LF4X Wax - 60g
    "An update of the legendary LF4, the new LF4X from Swix has left its mark over the past few seasons as a superior wax for cold conditions. You'll find some extr...(more)

    $33.00 More Details
  • Swix LF5X Wax - 60g

    Swix LF5X Wax - 60g
    "The new Swix LF5X Wax is formulated for the colder end of the spectrum in temperatures ranging from -8AdegC to -14AdegC. Its lower melting point makes this ski...(more)

    $33.00 More Details
  • Swix LF6X Wax - 60g

    Swix LF6X Wax - 60g
    "A wax tech favorite, Swix LF6X Wax has been proven through seasons of use on the World Cup circuit. This low fluoro wax is highly versatile, functioning as a b...(more)

    $33.00 More Details
  • Swix LF7X Wax - 60g

    Swix LF7X Wax - 60g
    "Swix LF7X Wax serves as a fast training wax, a baselayer for Swix FC07X Powder, or all on its own as a race wax in low humidity conditions. This low fluorocarb...(more)

    $33.00 More Details
  • Swix LF8X Wax - 60g

    Swix LF8X Wax - 60g
    "At the warmer end of the winter spectrum, Swix LF08X Wax keeps ski bases healthy and gliding fast. This low fluorowax has been a long-term favorite due to its ...(more)

    $33.00 More Details
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