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  • Sage 6200 Series Spools

    Sage 6200 Series Spools
    "Sage's 6200 fly fishing spool is machined from cold forged, tempered aerospace grade aluminum. The forged process boasts increased strength and rigidity, helpi...(more)

    $219.00 More Details
  • Sage 8000 Pro Series Spare Spool

    Sage 8000 Pro Series Spare Spool
    "Large, powerful saltwater fish demand versatility and toughness, and the Sage 8000 Spare Spool gives anglers options when a quick fly line change is in order. ...(more)

    $350.00 More Details
  • Sage Domain Spools

    Sage Domain Spools
    "A lot of two-handed fly fishermen run into situations where they need to change from one line to another quickly, without having to re-spool their reel. This i...(more)

    $180.00 More Details
  • Sage Spectrum LT Spool

    Sage Spectrum LT Spool
    "You have purchased a Sage Spectrum LT reel, now get an extra spool to expand your fly fishing repertoire. Large arbor for quick line pick up. Fully machined, l...(more)

    $179.00 More Details
  • Sage 4200 Series Spools

    Sage 4200 Series Spools
    "For anglers who have learned to appreciate the all-purpose performance of the Sage 4200 series of reels, adding a spare spool to their fly fishing kit increase...(more)

    $87.00 More Details
  • Sage Click Spare Spool Bronze I

    Sage Click Spare Spool Bronze I
    "Add versatility and convenience to your Sage Click Reel with a Click Spare Spool. When fly fishing conditions demand a change in tactics, adjust quickly from a...(more)

    $125.00 More Details
  • Sage Click Series Spool

    Sage Click Series Spool
    "Extra spools for the Sage Click fly reel make it easy to switch from one fly line to another so that you can target a wider variety of fish in all kinds of wat...(more)

    $150.00 More Details
  • Sage Spectrum Spool

    Sage Spectrum Spool
    "You have already come to appreciate the durable, light Sage Spectrum fly reel. Now, purchase an extra spool so you are ready to quickly change lines when fishi...(more)

    $129.00 More Details
  • Sage 2200 Series Spools

    Sage 2200 Series Spools
    "These spare die-cast reel spools will help you to get the most out of your Sage 2200 series fly reel without breaking the bank. They allow you to switch betwee...(more)

    $65.00 More Details
  • Sage Evoke Spare Spool

    Sage Evoke Spare Spool
    "The all-purpose performance of the Sage Evoke Reel becomes even more versatile when anglers add an Evoke Spare Spool to their single- or two-handed fly fishing...(more)

    $275.00 More Details
  • Redington Surge Spare Spool

    Redington Surge Spare Spool
    "Add versatility to your Surge Fly Reel and change fly lines quickly with a spare Surge Spool from Redington. Quick change spools Die-cast aluminum construc...(more)

    $39.95 More Details
  • Redington Behemoth Spool

    Redington Behemoth Spool
    "The Behemoth spare spool from Redingtonpushes the limits of fly reel design. Sized for everything from your favorite 5-weight trout rod, all the way up to salt...(more)

    $59.99 More Details
  • Redington Zero Spool

    Redington Zero Spool
    "Redington's Zero spare spool is an ideal match for your favorite lightweight trout rod. The Zero spare spool offers flexibility to anglers who like to switch l...(more)

    $49.99 More Details
  • Redington Rise III Spools

    Redington Rise III Spools
    "Redington Rise Spare Spools are made to provide anglers with more versatility from their Rise fly fishing reels. Using the same Rise III frame, just put differ...(more)

    $99.99 More Details
  • Redington i.D. Spool

    Redington i.D. Spool
    "A spare spool for The new Redington i.D fly reel. Which is one of the most exciting product introductions we've ever made. *Please Note: While the whole reel...(more)

    $44.99 More Details
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