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  • Snow Picket

    Snow Picket
    Bury the aircraft-grade aluminum Coyote Snow Picket from MSR from either end, or use it as a deadman anchor. You'll have greater surface-area-to-snow contact th...(more)

    $39.95 More Details
  • Snow Fluke

    Snow Fluke
    The MSR Snow Fluke weighs in at a mere 7 ounces (small) and is the lightest fluke available. Made of super-strong and ultralight 7000-series aluminum and a toug...(more)

    $39.95 More Details
  • Multi Hook V-Thread

    Multi Hook V-Thread
    True to its name, Petzl's Multi Hook is the can-do tool for your next ice climbing adventure. Equipped with a long, hooked stem, you can snag ropes and disengag...(more)

    $17.95 More Details
  • Clipper Detachable Leash

    Clipper Detachable Leash
    Attach or release your tool in one swift and simple movement with Petzl's Clipper Detachable Leash. Your wrist will be protected from abrasion by the foam-padde...(more)

    $59.95 More Details
  • Freelock Leash

    Freelock Leash
    Tighten the Freelock Leash by Petzl around your wrist or release it in a single movement. Attach it to any ice climbing tool with a hole in the head or shaft an...(more)

    $28.95 More Details
  • Alpix Pick for SumTec Axe

    Alpix Pick for SumTec Axe
    Replace old or worn out picks for your Petzl SumTec ice axe with the Alpix Pick, or just have a spare on hand in your rack for those just-in-case moments. Craft...(more)

    $49.95 More Details
  • Ergo Ice Tool

    Ergo Ice Tool
    You get more freedom than you thought possible with Petzl's ultra-curved Ergo Ice Tool which provides you with more power as you pull your way to the next move ...(more)

    $359.95 More Details
  • SumTec Ice Axe

    SumTec Ice Axe
    A modern twist on the classic mountaineering axe. If your routes are becoming a bit too technical for a straight shafted axe, the SumTec Ice Axe from Petzl can ...(more)

    $199.95 More Details
  • Nomic Ice Tool

    Nomic Ice Tool
    Switching from dry-tooling to ice climbing couldn't be easier when you use Petzl's Nomic Ice Tool. The adjustable ergonomic handle offers various grip modes and...(more)

    $299.95 More Details
  • Mini Marteau Hammer - Quark/Nomic/Ergo

    Mini Marteau Hammer - Quark/Nomic/Ergo
    For the all out minimalist, Petzl has created the Mini Marteau Hammer. Able to fit to most of Petzl's popular ice tools, the Quark, Nomic, and Ergo, these hamme...(more)

    $49.95 More Details
  • Crevasse Rescue Kit

    Crevasse Rescue Kit
    Be equipped and ready for glacier travel with the Crevasse Rescue Kit from Petzl. Make sure everything is organized and together before you head out with printe...(more)

    $199.95 More Details
  • Laser Ice Screw

    Laser Ice Screw
    Starting the LASER Ice Screw by Petzl is easily facilitated by its optimized drill shape. Overall strength and durability are improved due to the steel tube con...(more)

    $44.95 More Details
  • Laser Speed Ice Screw

    Laser Speed Ice Screw
    The LASER SPEED ice screw by Petzl starts easily due to the optimized drill shape. Overall strength and durability are improved due to the steel tube constructi...(more)

    $59.95 More Details
  • Laser Speed Light Ice Screw

    Laser Speed Light Ice Screw
    Petzl's ultra-light LASER SPEED LIGHT ice screw with aluminum tube construction is ideal for mountaineering aplications. Starting is facilitated by the optimize...(more)

    $74.95 More Details
  • Lim'ice Ice Screw Sharpener

    Lim'ice Ice Screw Sharpener
    The simplified handling of the LIM'ICE screw sharpener by Petzl makes drill sharpening faster and easier than ever. The two sharpening guides optimize precision...(more)

    $89.95 More Details
  • Glacier Literide Ice Axe

    Glacier Literide Ice Axe
    Compact and lightweight, the Petzl GLACIER LITERIDE Ice Axe is the perfect choice for ski mountaineering, skiing steep chutes and fast-and-light climbing. It al...(more)

    $99.95 More Details
  • Glacier Ice Axe with Strap

    Glacier Ice Axe with Strap
    Lightweight performance ice axe for glacier travel, with a meticulous design and finish. The Petzl GLACIER Ice Axe offers very good anchoring qualities in hard ...(more)

    $99.95 More Details
  • Summit 2 Ice Axe

    Summit 2 Ice Axe
    Designed for classic mountaineering, the Petzl SUMMIT 2 Ice Axe offers an excellent balance between price and performance. It is lightweight and offers good anc...(more)

    $149.95 More Details
  • Summit Evo Ice Axe

    Summit Evo Ice Axe
    Designed for classic mountaineering, the Petzl SUMMIT EVO Ice Axe is the tool of choice for all types of alpine trips. Lightweight and with a waterjet-formed tu...(more)

    $174.95 More Details
  • Linkin Ice Axe Leash

    Linkin Ice Axe Leash
    The Petzl Linkin Ice Axe Leash is a comfortable removable leash for avoiding loss of the ice axe. It's adaptable to all types of ice axes equipped with a hole f...(more)

    $15.95 More Details
  • RAD System Kit

    RAD System Kit
    Complete, ultra-light and compact, the Petzl RAD SYSTEM (Rescue And Descent) kit allows skiers on mountain terrain to always have the equipment necessary for cr...(more)

    $399.95 More Details
  • Ride Ice Axe

    Ride Ice Axe
    An ultralight and very compact ice axe for ski touring and freeriding, the Petzl Ride ice axe goes everywhere with you without weighing you down....(more)

    $109.95 More Details
  • Gully Ice Axe

    Gully Ice Axe
    Ultra-light at only 280g, the Petzl Gully Ice Axe is designed for technical mountaineering and steep skiing. Its tapered banana-shaped pick and the TRIGREST han...(more)

    $149.95 More Details
  • Sumtec Ice Axe Hammer

    Sumtec Ice Axe Hammer
    A compromise between a classic mountaineering ice axe and an ice climbing axe, the Petzl Sumtec is a versatile, lightweight ice tool for technical mountaineerin...(more)

    $199.95 More Details
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