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  • Blizzard Holster

    Blizzard Holster
    Every good tool deserves a home, and the Black Diamond Blizzard Holster is a mansion made for your tools. This classic webbing holster for ice tools fits on mos...(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Rope Hook

    Rope Hook
    Manage multiple ropes, steep aid climbs and even multi-pitch climbs with the Rope Hook from Metolius....(more)

    $14.95 More Details
  • Long Leash

    Long Leash
    Designed for ice axes and alpine tools, the Long Leash from Grivel keeps your gear from running away from you. The soft & comfortable wrist support is made from...(more)

    $14.95 More Details
  • Linkin Ice Axe Leash

    Linkin Ice Axe Leash
    The Petzl Linkin Ice Axe Leash is a comfortable removable leash for avoiding loss of the ice axe. It's adaptable to all types of ice axes equipped with a hole f...(more)

    $15.95 More Details
  • Slider Ice Axe Leash

    Slider Ice Axe Leash
    The Slider Ice Axe Leash is made of a tightly-woven, colored nylon webbing combined with a plush, die-cut wristband. It's equipped with an aluminum barrel that ...(more)

    $16.95 More Details
  • Multi Hook V-Thread

    Multi Hook V-Thread
    True to its name, Petzl's Multi Hook is the can-do tool for your next ice climbing adventure. Equipped with a long, hooked stem, you can snag ropes and disengag...(more)

    $17.95 More Details
  • Ice ScrewUp

    Ice ScrewUp
    Don't want to screw up your pack or pack contents? Carry the Ice Screwup from Black Diamond and you won't have to worry about ice screws tearing up the inside o...(more)

    $19.95 More Details
  • Trigrest Ice Axe Hand Rest

    Trigrest Ice Axe Hand Rest
    Petzl's Trigrest hand rest is compatible with the Quark, Nomic, and Ergo ice axes. With two support positions, it acts as a brace for hand switching in the high...(more)

    $21.95 More Details
  • Slinger Leash

    Slinger Leash
    Black Diamond's lightweight Slinger Leash is ideal for use with a piolet. It's elastic webbing is less water absorptive and stretchier than nylon alternatives. ...(more)

    $24.95 More Details
  • Freelock Leash

    Freelock Leash
    Tighten the Freelock Leash by Petzl around your wrist or release it in a single movement. Attach it to any ice climbing tool with a hole in the head or shaft an...(more)

    $28.95 More Details
  • Dirt Bag II Rope Bag

    Dirt Bag II Rope Bag
    Just because dirtbag climbers are filthy, doesn't mean that our ropes need be. Keep your rope clean, organized and protected with the Dirt Bag II from Metolius....(more)

    $29.95 More Details
  • Tech Leash Ice Axe Leash

    Tech Leash Ice Axe Leash
    Keep your ice axe close at hand and don't worry if you drop because it won't go far when you're using Grivel's Tech Leash. Suitable for any of Grivel's axes, at...(more)

    $32.95 More Details
  • Micro Hammer

    Micro Hammer
    The Micro Hammer from Black Diamond is compatible with all BD technical ice tools and it adds the right amount of swing-weight to your strike without tipping th...(more)

    $34.95 More Details
  • Micro Adze

    Micro Adze
    The Micro Adze from Black Diamond is compatible with all BD technical ice tools. It adds the right swing-weight to your strike without tipping the scales or cro...(more)

    $34.95 More Details
  • X-All Mountain Pick

    X-All Mountain Pick
    Designed to optimize your existing Cassin X-Dry or X-Ice axes, the X-All Mountain Pick provides unmeasured elegance and vigor to your ice-climbing experiences. ...(more)

    $35.00 More Details
  • Raptor Ice Pick

    Raptor Ice Pick
    Tapered from 4 to 3 mm at the tip, the Trango Raptor Ice Pick penetrates hard ice and cleans easily. This variation on the Raptor Mixed Pick offers a decreased ...(more)

    $37.00 More Details
  • Raptor Pick - Ice

    Raptor Pick - Ice
    Tapered from 4 to 3 mm at the tip, the Trango Raptor Pick penetrates the hardest of ice and cleans easily....(more)

    $37.00 More Details
  • Snow Fluke

    Snow Fluke
    The MSR Snow Fluke weighs in at a mere 7 ounces (small) and is the lightest fluke available. Made of super-strong and ultralight 7000-series aluminum and a toug...(more)

    $39.95 More Details
  • Snow Picket

    Snow Picket
    Bury the aircraft-grade aluminum Coyote Snow Picket from MSR from either end, or use it as a deadman anchor. You'll have greater surface-area-to-snow contact th...(more)

    $39.95 More Details
  • Ropemaster HC Rope Bag

    Ropemaster HC Rope Bag
    Redesigned with more capacity and easier loading in mind the Ropemaster HC Rope Bag from Metolius provides the classic features that brought rope bags to every ...(more)

    $39.95 More Details
  • Super Slacker Rope Bag

    Super Slacker Rope Bag
    The simple to use Super Slacker Rope Bag from Black Diamond has padded shoulder straps for comfortable carry and features a large tarp to keep rope off of dirt ...(more)

    $39.95 More Details
  • Rope Bucket

    Rope Bucket
    The Rope Bucket holds two 9 mm or one 11 mm rope, unzips for easy access and its expandable bellows unfolds to form a bucket so you can stack your rope to keep ...(more)

    $39.95 More Details
  • X-Dream Dry Tooling Pick

    X-Dream Dry Tooling Pick
    Designed to optimize your existing Cassin X-Dream ice axe, the X-Dream Dry Tooling Pick by Cassin provides a more aggressive downward curve causing the handle t...(more)

    $40.00 More Details
  • Laser Ice Screw

    Laser Ice Screw
    Starting the LASER Ice Screw by Petzl is easily facilitated by its optimized drill shape. Overall strength and durability are improved due to the steel tube con...(more)

    $44.95 More Details
  • Super Chute Rope Bag

    Super Chute Rope Bag
    Taking a traditional rope bag design and adding an innovative funnel-shaped rope tarp for super-easy loading, the Black Diamond Super Chute combines simplicity ...(more)

    $44.95 More Details
  • Turbo Ice Screw

    Turbo Ice Screw
    The Black Diamond Turbo Ice Screw requires less placement effort, thanks to highly polished, smooth surfaces. Finely-tuned thread geometry offers easier startin...(more)

    $45.95 More Details
  • Cobra / Viper Android Leash

    Cobra / Viper Android Leash
    The Black Diamond Android leash for the Cobra & Viper tools uses a quick release mechanism for easy placement, padded wrist loop comfort and a secure bolt & stu...(more)

    $46.95 More Details
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