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Tennis News:

2018 DI Tennis Championship Recap: Singles and Doubles

Watch a recap of all the action from the DI Tennis Championship. LSUs Jessica Golovin and Eden Richardson take the womens doubles crown, as Martin Redlicki and Evan Zhu took home the mens doubles title for UCLA. Wake Forests Petros Chrysochos took the mens singles title, while Arianne Hartono won the womens singles for Ole Miss....

2018 Championship Full Replay: DI Tennis

Watch the full event replay of the Men and Womens singles and doubles finals from the 2018 DI Tennis Championship in Winston-Salem, N.C....

NCAA Division I Men's Tennis Championship: Wake Forest defeats Ohio State for 2018 national title

Here are results, scores and live updates from the Division I Mens Tennis Championship....

Wake Forest takes home the National Championship

Wake Forest takes down Ohio State, 4-2 on their home courts, to win their first ever DI Mens Tennis National Championship....

2018 DI Men's Tennis Championship: Team Finals Full Replay

Watch the full event replay from the Team Finals of the 2018 DI Mens Tennis Championship in Winston-Salem, N.C....

2018 NCAA Division I menís tennis championships singles and doubles selections announced


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  • Babolat Incense Overgrip 3-pack

    Babolat Incense Overgrip 3-pack
    This special line of grips foffers a lemon fragrance, soft touch, repels bacteria, and stays dry to the touch. This is an absorbent grip that gives top performa...(more)

    $6.95 More Details
  • Head Super Comp Overgrip

    Head Super Comp Overgrip
    Made of a specifically engineered elastomer material. This new overwrap offers perfect tacky feel with an enhanced sweat absorption. Color: Black...(more)

    $3.99 More Details
  • Wilson True Grip

    Wilson True Grip
    Pigment free replacement grip provides long lasting traction and feel - firm feeling grip for ultimate feel - favorable absorption characteristics Specs: Length...(more)

    $6.99 More Details
  • Gamma Hi-Tech Replacement Grip

    Gamma Hi-Tech Replacement Grip
    GAMMA’s Hi-Tech Grip was designed with an extra firm backing and smooth gripping surface providing a classic, high traction feel for maximum control. Now ...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Gamma Hi-Tech Contour

    Gamma Hi-Tech Contour
    GAMMA’s Hi-Tech Contour Grip’s stitched ribs and perforations increase traction and moisture absorption. The unique ribbed design makes this grip id...(more)

    $4.99 More Details
  • Gamma Pro Rx (White)

    Gamma Pro Rx (White)
    Maximum cushioned replacement grip designed for added comfort and feel. Comfort foam backing acts as an anti-fatigue barrier between hand and racquet for greate...(more)

    $5.99 More Details
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