Suffer fest – Gotland Style

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I’ve told my self to have at least one rest day per week from my training regime. However that is easier said than done as all of you sports fans know.
The last couple of weeks has been one long “suffer fest” with cycling, virtual reality glasses spinning classes, strength training and two new highly addictive activities; Nordic Indoor Walking and Kettlebell. So, a rest day or two would do me just fine.

Yesterday our cycling club did our weekly Spinning class at the local gym – this time a spinning class with a twist mind you..Normally our classes are 90 minutes long without any surprises. This time however, 1hr and 15 minutes in, the instructor told us to stop pedaling and go into the exercise hall where we were faced with the gym owner and 15 minutes worth of a grueling kettle bell class. We were really suffering during those 15 minutes let me tell ya! I woke up with an early morning stiffness as it were, but a little bird has told me I wasn’t the only one having that problem. My back and thighs were really sore and I experienced some difficulties getting out of bed and out to the kitchen for some breakfast.

So today I just might take it a wee bit easy. Well that was the general master plan anyway. The mrs told me that we just might try to assemble the piece of furniture bought at IKEA, so there goes the easy going Sunday down the toilet. It’s a suffer fest no matter what you plan..

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Georg Gyllenfjell

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I live on a Swedish island, situated in the Baltic Sea, called Gotland with my wife. Together we have two grown up boys ages 21 and 24. I just love the cycling scene! It's not so much about racing per se, but rather the cycling life style you know.. The cycling fashion, the notion of traveling abroad on cycling camps or holidays. The sunday club run with your club mates to a local café some 50-60 km's away. The racing part for me, is something I just might do if I feel like it. For me the important thing is the road to the event, not so much the event itself. Which brings me to my other passion which is Italy. I love to cook, and combine good food with good wine - all Italian! When it comes to cycling; I'm the president of a local cycling club since 2008 and I just might get elected to the Regional Cycling Association as well. Besides cycling, I'm a food and wine junkie - and I also take photographs which I turn into posters. On everyday basis, I am the co-owner of a small recently started advertising company called "Isle of Design" where I am the Creative Director. Take care G

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