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August 18, 2011, 1 Comment

I was standing in line at the the local coffee shop when I overheard a woman in front of me brag that she had traveled 200 miles to watch her […]

Wayne Pedranti

About Wayne Pedranti

Wayne Pedranti is a traditional Naturopath and a Master Herbalist. He is a Master Level Certified Sports Nutrition Adviser educated at the Cory Holly Institute. He has been cycling for well over 20 years, and is a licensed coach with USA Cycling and USA Track and Field. He has a Masters Degree in Coaching Education at Ohio University. He uses his training on natural health and coaching to build a comprehensive training plans that builds health, fitness, and performance.


The Child Athlete

May 30, 2011, No comments

There is a belief that if you do not learn it while you are young, you won’t learn it at all. It is this attitude that forged ‘No child left [&hel ...